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Thanks to all



From a Captain of a Nuclear Submarine:

Thanks Briggs. My wife really likes your music, and thanks for sailing aboard submarines yourself.


Chris From Austin Texas:

Wow Randell, You put Tennessee Wiskey, Sunny Day, Earth Angel, Crazy and Sun Go Down On Me all in one set. That's about 45 years of songs. What a stretch. Thanks man, great entertainer here at Jax.



From a 30 year Retired Marine Veteran.

“ I had to turn around my chair to watch you sing Mc. Arthur Park. I thought the song was coming from house speakers. What a beautiful job you did with that song. Listen Mr. Briggs, I got a 20 in one hand, and a 50 in the other hand. Guess which one you get????? You get the 50, you are incredible.


Paul, Thank you. Message: Great job! Loved hearing Birdland and God Bless The Child! Thanks for bringing music and joy to a dull place! Paul Griffin Gator Grooves



From Heather

Hello Mr. Randell. We met briefly on Sunday evening at Jacksonville airport and I want to say thank you for the beautiful music and I really enjoyed meeting you. I will definitely be finding you online. Your music helped me stay calm and get through my layover for the night. I look forward to my next trip into town and I hope we meet again. Bless you and yours!




From John Bachman. Just landed at Jax Aiportv and welcomed home by Submarine Veteran singing Purple Rain. I love Jax. Action News Jax.




Hi Mr Randall, my name is Ivana and I went to the airport on December the 18th to pick up my mother and you played the piano and the song was just extremely perfect for us that was the Ave Maria. 

On the 10th I went to pick up a friend again in the airport  and it time you performed a song perfectly lovely! I'm just not sure the name of the song, and I'll love have the name, it's was on the 10th at 11:38 pm (guessing that song was earth angel). Please if you  have DVD or CD on sell let me know. I really would like  to buy your music.






04-09-19 04/09/19: From Lorie in Tallahassee, Fl.

Good morning,
I wanted to take the time to let you know that we really appreciated hearing Randell play in the airport on Friday, April 5, 2019. My husband and I live in Tallahassee and were flying out of JAX to Boston. Just before arriving at the airport, we stopped for lunch and my husband accidentally dropped his cell phone in the restaurant bathroom toilet!!! Now, this would be a freak out moment for anyone, but it was more so for him because he had a lot of important work-related info on that phone! Not to mention the gross-out factor. So, of course he goes into MAJOR panic mode but we know we have to make that flight. Needless to say by the time we arrived at the airport we were BOTH on over-drive and he had stressed me out so much I wanted to scream! As soon as we got through check in, he's grabbing my phone to call our cellular provider to arrange a replacement phone as we're moving through the airport. Then, we're trying to notify our people in Boston what has happened & when our arrival. etc will be. Well, all of the Boston numbers were in HIS phone. Finally, I had the contact number for someone who could contact our person in Boston, but that person lives in Nigeria. I had to call that person in Nigeria, to get the number for the person in Boston! We made it to the Gate waiting area where Randell was playing & as my husband spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to arrange for a replacement phone, I sat there an listened to Randell play. Shortly after we sat down, he began to play soothing, slow paced music that caused me to calm down and de-escalate! His presence really made a difference. By the time the phone call was over, the music had calmed me down & I went over to let him know how much I appreciated him & how I felt like he played just for me because he saw how distressed I was when I looked at him when we first sat down. Please continue to provide this much needed service. Travel can be so stressful and music calms the savage beast in all of us.
Yours truly,

Mrs. Lorie Asifor-Tuoyo

03/29/19: From SharpestJim:

@JAXairport It was great seeing Mr Briggs performing in the terminal last night after I arrived from BWI. I hadn't seen him in quite some time. Wonderful man. And a terrific musician, too.


03/06/19:Im Chris Casey:

Just landed (exhausted!) at @JAXairport only to have my spirits lifted by Randell Briggs, a live blues musician playing in the near empty terminal. This is now my favorite airport.

02/13/19: From Miss Barb:

Hi Briggs. My Husband sent me over to say he thought the music was piped in. Then he looked over and saw you playing. Now he tells me that he is very happy because your music soothed me

and we can have a calm and peaceful flight back home.


02/13/19: From Miss Becky:

Randell, you impressed me with "Ave Maria". But you floored me when you played Christine's graveyard aria "Wishing" from the Phantom of the Opera. I never imagined listening to this style of music in Jacksonville's Airport. You played those songs so beautiful. Thanks for the treat. You are so talented. 


02/13/19: From Young Airport Sky Cap:

Mr. Briggs. I knew that tune was "Song for My Father" by Antonio Carlos Jobim from Brazil by the first few bars you played. I might be a young Hip Hop Dude, but I have a deep appreciation for old school jazz and funk. Keep on jammin Mr. Briggs


01/10/19: From Mr. Warren

Randell, I mix music on the PRO TOOLS setup, but you are killing it on your Korg Triton Extreme and N264 boards. love the sound.


01/08/19: From unknown Woman traveler To Briggs at Jax.

Dear Sir, (Randell Briggs)

I have been going through the most challenging time of my life in the past few months. I have had very little to smile about.

Thank you for giving me a few minutes of peace and joy, and I sincerely pray that God blesses you as richly as you have blessed me tonight!

Thank you!!

Your music was beautiful.


01/06/19: From Flight Atten: Miss J

Briggs, that song "Wonderful World" was in Toy Story. You sang it beautiful. Thanks for being here.


01/05/2019: From Mr. Frank.

Jimmy Buffet,The Doors, Santana, Pink Floyd, Ave Maria, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Phantom of the Opera, Whiter Shade of Pale. Briggs,my wife and I sat in Sam Sneads wondering what style you were gonna play next. That was a helluva set. Man, you are good.

12/26/2018: From Miss United Associate:

Briggs, you were playing "All Blues" by Miles Davis when I walked thru. Now that tune will be stuck in my head all day. Love that jazz.


12/12/2018: From Miss Musician:

Hi Randell. From a musician to a musician, that was the best arrangement of "Whiter Shade of Pale" I ever heard. So enchanting.


11/23/18: From: Miss Nervous Cat:

I want to thank you for allowing me to sit next you and listen.. You saved my life and touched my soul that nite. I dont think ive landed yet.... See u soon. God blessed you with a soul larger than life. Xoxoxo

11/15/18: From: Mr. & Mrs. Sorensen from Norway:

Briggs, you've got a beautiful voice. We will be here all night. Thanks for entertaining us, and thanks for your tips on crashing in this Airport.

10/13/2018: From Miss Velma.

Briggs, you played MAGGOT BRAIN on your keyboards. Incredible! Here's a big tip, Now do me some Bob Marley.


10/13/2018: From Miss Alexis.

Mr. Briggs, you are the face and the sound of Jacksonville. When we touch down from our hectic day,our spirits soar up as we walk thru and see you playing. Thanks a lot for being here in Jax Airport.

09/27/2018: From mystery Jax Flyer.

Randell, thank you for volunteering your music and valuable time to welcome us home. I am here every week and it means a lot.

08/31/2018: From: Miss Mary from Philly.

Briggs,Briggs,Briggs. You played the s---t outa Red House, and that St. Louis Woman really messed up your mind. Christ, you made me cry. Here are some Jacksons baby. Keep those down dirty blues coming. I'm here all night.

08/23/2018: From Chris

Hey Randell,

My name is Chris.  I met you back in July I think when I was leaving the airport and I recognized you.  You played a jazz song a few years back that had such a rich melody.  I still have no idea what song it is.  I ended up writing a different song from what I perceived the melody to be.  It was entrancing and romantic music of great sophistication and feeling.  It is a blessing to the Jacksonville Airport employees and travelers to hear your music swirling through that open space.

Thank you,

Chris from Jacksonville

7/22/2018 From Mrs. Gail:

Mr. Briggs, My mom and I really enjoyed your music. My 14 year old neice asked if she could give you a tip because you sounded so good to her as well.  I'm from California but if I lived there my husband and I would come to the airport, drink coffee and listen to you. I thought you were awesome.

 May God Bless you.

7/18/2018: From Mr. Batman,

Randell I was eating at Sam Sneads and you rocked that "BLACK MAGIC WOMAN".

7/15/2018 From Miss Joy:

Randall’s voice was magical tonight. After a long flight, my flight landed at 11:00pm, I hurried through the airport headed toward baggage claim. As I walked through an open space I heard a pleasant sound vibrating through open area. It was Randell! His voice has its own charm which no one can own..he’s an original and a fantastic singer.

Randell, Thank you for making the world a brighter place by sharing your gift. God’s continued blessings.

05/02/2018:  From Ms Grant.

Just a note to Thank You for the lovely Tunes on Saturday Night at the JAX Airport 4/28/18.  The lovely song Wonderful Tonight you made sound much better than Eric Clapton, your version was Wonderful the clarity of your VOICE was lovely.

Thank you for your Talent and friendliness.

Loretta Grant

4/20/2018: From Susan:

Mr. Briggs you are so talented!  Your arrangements and playing are exceptionally great. Thank you for making my night.

10/12/2017: From Dave Trzeciak

Randell,I had just gotten off my flight  (from phoenix) Tues (10:55PM). I heard this happy music playing in the airport. I could tell it was live....IT WAS YOU!  You were singing "Tears on my pillow" by Little Anthony and the Imperials. It was perfect!  Thanks for being there. You are a fine musician!(I'm a professional entertainer with 40 yrs of road experience under my belt. I am not retired!

10/05/2017: From: Natalie

Thumbs up, 5 stars, and a giant salute to Mr. Briggs!

I recently flew into the Jacksonville airport and was faced with sleeping there overnight. As a female traveling alone, I was not overly thrilled at the prospect. But thankfully, God provided a singing angel to put me at ease and who created such a happy and pleasant atmosphere in the stark (and freezing cold) airport lobby. Throughout my sleepless night there I saw traveler after traveler go up to him, simply delighted at his God-given talents and thankful for the services he provided. 

You could literally see the joy he was blessing others with and the domino affect they created. Mr. Briggs is an honored submarine vet for our great country and he is *still* serving others, only now with his wonderful music. My favorite was his rendition of "What a Wonderful World" and all of the musical liberties and improvisations that naturally flowed as he was playing each song. He made classic songs fresh and interesting. Thumbs up, 5 stars, and a giant salute to Mr. Briggs! I so enjoyed chatting with you and am praying your boat is recovered very soon. I hope to see you again if I'm ever in FL and maybe hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Amazing Grace" :0 Thank you again for your service to our country and God bless you in Jesus name! 

John 3:16

09/08/17 From: SharpestJim: @JAXairport

Many thanks to Randell Briggs. His #music always make me smile. More so last night after somber flight home. #Irma #Jacksonville

07/07/2017:  From Ops Duty Officer

As I was doing my walk through of the terminal this afternoon, I noticed two elderly ladies and one elderly gentlemen approached our resident piano player (Randell Briggs) to compliment him on his music. I believe he was playing "Ava Maria" at the time. 

As I sat there and watched, more people would come up to either tip him or talk with him and give him compliments. 

I wanted to bring this to your attention and let you know that our customers are really enjoying the music we have here. I'm sure our customers appreciate the other musicians we have however the interactions between Randell Briggs and our customers is quite unique. 

05/06/17: From: Tim Rund

Randell - I am looking forward to seeing you again the next time I pass through the Jacksonville Airport – it was such a nice experience hearing your music and watching the families and travelers enjoying the wonderful atmosphere that you create at the Airport!  I anticipate that the TSA agents love your music as well!  All the best.

04/17/2017:  From Jan Hi.

We were picking up our daughter at JAX last week, and we so enjoyed Mr. Briggs' music while we waited. All passengers walking past immediately broke into big smiles once they heard him - such a cool thing to have at an airport! Thanks!

12/14/2016: From 904-%%%%-5555

I got your card yesterday and you played great music. Have a great day.

12/26/2016: From Rusty.  Subject. Lovin those blues

Saw and met Randell at the Jax Airport. Had a long lay over and he was so entertaining Such an awesome talent . Check out his schedule, come listen to some fine music and drop him a dime. Happy New Year Randell.

09/08/2016: From Mr. Thyng

  Hello Mr. Briggs, Great music and nice to meet you last week at JAX when I was passing through at the end of the day. We exchanged military experiences -- sub guys are to be highly respected,,, what a job !!

09/08/2016: From Ms Banister:

AMAZING:   I was stuck in the Jacksonville airport for 5 hours waiting for a plane to arrive.... but, it was awesome!! Briggs was performing in the terminal, and the time flew by. Why isn't he on stage somewhere?

08/10/2016: From Ms. K from Exit:

Thanks Randell from the shoutout and your Pink Floyd songs  made my day. Stunning!!!

08/07/2016: From Jen the Photographer:

Hey man, I got goose bumps when you played Comfortably Numb. Great performance.

07/22/2016: From Ms. Joyce from Detroit:

I was walking to the concource and I heard this beautiful sounding music which I thought it was being piped in. When I got in the main concourse I saw Randell Briggs playing on two keyboards in the middle of the room. I was taken aback as he played. I went up to him and told him just how impressed with the beautiful music he was performing. What a treat.

07/02/2016 From Ms. M and the O.P. Crew

Good Morning Mr. Briggs, Everyone enjoyed your music and your interactions with the guests.  My husband said, "He was good, very good."Friends and family kept making references about the various genres of music you played. Everyone was very pleased,Thank you for helping to make it a wonderful birthday celebration for my husband.

Sincerely,Ms. M & the O.P. Crew

06/27/2016:  From Miss FeJo from Ok

So I'm sitting in Jax airport and I'm feeling kind of down right and I'm walking around the airport to find a good place to sit so me being a music lover I sat right next to the keyboards and the grand piano and I'm thinking to myself like oh darn I missed the live band or whatever and out of nowhere this guy appears and he noticed that I was kind of down and he's like let me play this song for you Im like what're you going to play and outcomes Bob Marley I don't want to wait in vain for your love!!! From that point on I didn't care what he played I was in love!!! Awesome entertainer!!!

01/10/2016: From Mitch

 Mr. was such a pleasure to meet you the other day and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation about music...and life! Seems only now and then do we connect with others on such a meaningful level. I am grateful. Hope to catch your gig at the airport in early February...will keep in touch. Peace to you and long live that Philly Soul!!!

12/03/2015: From Miss Avaition Store Keeper (USN):

Mr. Briggs, I love your rendition of " Way Back Home" and the other smooth Jazz arrangements. Can't wait for my personal CD.

12/02/2015: From: Bill from Miami:

Wow Briggs, You went from the Phantom Opera love song to Joe Crocker. What a musical transition....This deserves  two Andrew Jacksons.

11/12/2015: From: Mr. Nate's overnite stop in Jax:

"Flew into Jax yesterday and was stopped in my tracks to hear Briggs perform "Nobody Home", a Pink Floyd song. Met Briggs today and told him how much I enjoyed that song. As I was waiting in line, he played the song again for me. Great entertainer that Briggs".

11/12/2015: From:  Mr. Keith, On Poker Clubs,  Hwd, Ca.

"Met Mr. Briggs a couple of times and he is very inspirational for Americans".

11/11/2015: From: Miss London from Africa:

"Mr. Briggs plays wonderful music"

11/01/15: From Steve C Grady, Infinite Graphics:

" I'm in the Jacksonville Airport diligently sending emails, when all of a sudden I hear strains of Jimmy Buffet and I see Briggs playing on what sounds like a classic Hammond B3. Then I hear broadway tunes and some blues. How cool was that? The entire airport airtum was rocking. Never had that kind of great impromptu music experience-probably never will again".

10/19/15: From: Rodney from Long Beach Ca. texted:

"Guitarist Bill said you were fantastic"

10/08/15 From: Airport sniffy dog operator. (K9).

"Big ups on the Pink Floyd song Briggs, that was great".

7/12/15: From: Ms. T Jones:

"Hello Mr. Briggs. We just wanted to thank you again for a very lovely evening. My Mom really enjoyed everything and everybody.Thank you again".

7/6/15 From Miss Anita, a traveler:

"Briggs, you blew me up with Walk on By. Keep jamming dude!".

7/6/15 From: American Airlines Agent:

"Sound of Silence with the reggae one drop?  Briggs, that was brilliant".

6/18/15: From: Chuck T:

"I've heard the "Sound of Silence" a million times. Now I understand what the lyrics mean. Thanks Briggs on Keyboards!

6/17/15, From: Ms. Debbie J here:

Got a nice call from Boston Joe who wanted to let me know how much he and his wife Jane enjoyed your music yesterday. Especially "God Bless the Child" and Walk on By".

 5/28/2015: From: Airport Customer Report

" Music entertainment was really great and very relaxing to hear "BRIGGS" on keyboards. Thank you".

5/28/2015:  From: JAX Customer Service

 "BRIGGS on Keyboard is awesome! Keep him, very relaxing, enjoyable and peaceful. 

Feb 12th/2015

The KTOWN GIRLS rewarded me with a selfie...Thanks Ladies!

Feb/8/2015: From: Joel Dennis, Sax Player, 

"Very nice to meet you today.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking music and listening to your wide variety of tunes!"


"By the way, I have had  the opportunity to hear Briggs play and I think he is a wonderful addition to the line up. I have had many employees stop and tell me how much they enjoy his music as well".

10/14/ 2014 11:01am: From: A Flyer's Tweet..."

Sitting in Jacksonville, Fla. airport, and there's a keyboardist wearing a Fedora. And he is playing absolute magic.What a gift".








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