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Randell Briggs

Jacksonville, Fl. International Airport AUGUST  2023 performance schedule.

Friday AUG4th Evening

Saturday AUG5th Evening

Sunday AUG6th Evening

Friday AUG 11th Evening

Saturday AUG12th Evening

Sunday AUG13th Evening

Friday AUG 18th Evening

Saturday AUG 19th Evening

Sunday AUG20th Evening

Friday AUG25th Evening

Saturday AUG 26th Evening 

Sunday AUG 27th Evening





I taught myself music theory while serving aboard The Nuclear Submarine SSBN 636. There was no piano onboard, so I drew the keys on a piece of cardboard. I would sing a song, but instead of the lyrics, I would sing the notes, then plot their positions on the cardboard, and build the chord structures in my head. After a while, I started to understand note relationships and their postions in the scales and chords in all 12 keys. After my tour of duty, I traveled America for about ten years working with bands and singers with different music styles, then I moved to California.While there, I was introduced to synthesizers which engaged my composition interest. Now,with music theory knowledge, I could explore music styles at will. The kicker came when I moved here to Jacksonville,Fl. A friend of mine told me about live music performance's at The Jacksonville International Airport, so I came down and signed up. This Airport turned out to be the greatest music performance gig I ever had. I was able to explore much of my music performance ambitions in a one-stop-shop JAX situation if you will. And, thanks to all the people here at The Jax International Airport Volunteer Music Program, I've been here for eight years.

EMAIL:  tronicvision@







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